I’m delighted to have helped create this video for the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s fantastic ‘Team Wilder’ campaign. The project started in early 2020 when I produced some initial illustrations of the UK’s endangered species, which set the tone for the video design. After the styleframes were approved, I began animating. 

Ben McCluskey jumped on board to take care of the script with assistance from the Trust’s Hannah Terrey. Megan McCubbin, one of the BBC’s ‘Springwatch’ presenters, agreed to record the voiceover. We teamed up with Joe Watkinson to produce the sound design.

Then Covid-19 hit. We went into lockdown and production stopped. (During this period, Megan co-founded the Self-Isolating Bird Club.) When the schools re-opened, I returned to my desk and completed the animation. The video was released in October 2020 and the response has been great. 

It’s been rewarding to work on a project that can make a difference to an issue I’m passionate about. Because in order for nature to recover, we need more people on nature’s side. As the Team Wilder campaign explains, if one in every four people take action then this momentum could be enough to change the minds – and the behaviours – of the majority of the population. Nature can be placed into recovery mode. Additional spaces for wildlife to thrive can be created. Pressure on the environment can be reduced. Yet as with the production of this video, the action we take to help nature must be a joint effort – we each have different skills and knowledge and experiences to contribute.

Design & Animation: Al Boardman
Script: Ben McCluskey and Hannah Terrey
Voiceover: Megan McCubbin
Sound design: Joe Watkinson

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