This piece of work is a short journey through a life of distraction. It explores my life, lived through dyslexia and ADHD, and the feelings of constant distraction that increasingly we all feel. 

It’s a collaboration between me (motion designer) and Florian Seraul, music composer. 

I set out to try and explore and visualise what it is to be distracted. Using a combination of abstract 2D motion design visuals (something I am very used to creating) along with a, slightly more out of my comfort zone, mixed media approach. I created something deliberately fast, hectic and overwhelming at times. The mixed media and text parts are all relevant snippets of my own personal archive, from old photography negatives, assessment scans, notes and doodles, to an MRI of my brain. A short journey through a life of distraction.

For Florian, who composed the music, it’s about letting off steam. Venting the anger and frustration we feel against technology and our inability to control how it affects us. The piece makes the overwhelm we feel everyday obvious, and mocks us even as we watch it.

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