Animated GIF header and posts for IBM's Tumblr page IBMblr.
For the 22nd year in a row, IBM have been the top US patent earner and the first ever to be awarded over 7000 in a single year. That’s an awful lot of patents. To celebrate this, I was tasked to produce the Tumblr header and a series of GIFs to go alongside some quotes from IBM engineers and scientists on the theme of patents. Working with the great team at Ogilvy NY, we produced these fun animated GIFs.
“The people who are saying it can’t be done should get out of the way of those doing it.” 
Andy Stanford-Clark, Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, Chief Technologist for Smarter Energy
“Being an inventor is like being a composer. Instead of music, we compose inventions, assembling materials in new ways to enhance the human experience with technology” 
Tom Zimmerman, IBM Researcher, Master Inventor
“Invent something that is useful, and, well, that’s great. But invent something that is useful and fun . . . and you can retire early to the French Riviera.” 
Bill Hymas, IBM Software Group, Europe, High Speed Internet Accelerator

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